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Shizen-Do Karate
"The Natural Way"

Description from a students prospective.
    Shizen-Do began over thirty years ago in the mind of a young black belt named Don Culp. Originally based off of Kenpo Karate, Shizen-Do has evolved over the years to become a well structured yet flowing style of Martial Arts that has taken in the best of other styles including Aikido, Judo, Jujitsu, Boxing and the philosophies of Zen. The name Shizen-Do means “ Natural Way ” placing the emphasis on finding a natural way to not only move, but to think.

    From white belt, students are taught the importance of a strong Martial Art’s foundation with much focus on: Stances, Punches, Kicks, Block’s & Foot Maneuvers. From there pre-arranged techniques and Kata are developed leading us to the ultimate goal of complete freedom of movement in both mind and body. Much time is spent on open training were students are challenged with random attacks and must work their way free with personal improvisation, seeking the true meaning of a artist; self expression.

    Shizen-Do for adults and teenagers is taught by 7th Degree Black Belt Shihan Don Culp, with assistant instructor Sensei David Ellis while the children's class is taught by Sensei Joe Kilduff. Our Dojo welcomes all students the only requirement’s being on open mind and a controlled ego. Students will progress through each rank in a traditional format were belts are meaningfully earned and not given away, self improvement is the incentive to train.

    For more information regarding what Shizen-Do is about and it's origins, please visit the About page.